All photography provided by Phillip Baker

Successful therapy requires the equal involvement of both patient and doctor.  Together we identify problems, and craft solutions.  Our goal is a measurable increase in balance.


With 30+ years of clinical psychology experience, my practice is centered around helping people heal from specific trauma (war and other forms of violence) and personal life transitions (development of self, work and healthy relationships). 

I treat soldiers with PTSD and assist them in reintegration to civilian life structures, their families with related adjustments, and people who have confusions about self-worth, self-definition and emotional functioning. 

With kindness and respect, I use EMDR Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist people in their healing process.

Our goal is NOT for you to be in therapy forever; but rather, for you to learn tools and techniques to  assist you in dealing with whatever may come.


The GOAL is a higher level of balance and happiness.